Monday, 30 January 2017

I am alive (sort of)

Well one of the reasons I didn't want to start a blog in the first place was because I usually forget about these type of things after a while (much like my daily diary which i sometimes try to fill up in the future with vague descriptions ~_~) and then I rediscover em and go like eh. 👀

Monday, 5 September 2016

Le Weekend

Well this past weekend went... surprisingly more uneventful then usual (considered to the daily standard at least). I mean I got back home from college with a whole weekend plan set out consisting of playing some leftover visual novels and maybe some games on the net. But once I sat down and started going through the visual novel, after finishing a route I literally had no idea what else to do.  At first I contemplated playing another visual novel or maybe going through some other route but I just couldn't seem to get into any of it. Literally sat there looking at the screen for a good twenty minutes before I called over my lil bro and played some co-op cricket with him. The next day I marathoned (apparently this isn't a word but meh) through random youtube vids and an hour or so in, I was beyond lost and bored. Crazy how many expectations I had for the weekend and it turned out being even more boring then a regular school day ~_~ . I need to get out of the house more often or perhaps do something to keep me occupied a bit more. Moving on to today's marvelous tour of activities. The sun was shining as bright as ever, leaving me as exhausted as usual (sweating buckets more like). Went to shop for cup noodles with my best bro bro (which is a first for me) in the sweltering heat during some free time between classes. T'was quite fun to be honest since the mall was air conditioned to the max ^-^ . I planned on going to the gym when I got back from college but the bed seemed too inviting at the time. Well at least today turned out to mildly intriguing which is good for a change of pace.

Thursday, 1 September 2016


T'was quite scorching hot in the morning and seemed to get worse progressively, leaving me sweaty and less than happy during college. On a plus side as soon as it ended tons of clouds showed up and by the time a got home it was raining as if a skyward ocean had sprung a leak (least to say it was amazing). But as always, even the rain brings forth its usual achilles heel alongside, to be more specific, a power outage. First the ups fails, then the backup generator doesn't start (sounded like it was dying) and it was at least three hours before the kindly gents decided to take pity upon us poor city dwelling denizens and thought it'd be nice to flip the power back on. Argh life is just peachy, as always.

Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Buu Buu

Today in short, was as uneventful (nothing new here) as ever. Tried to talk to this new girl in class (you can probably guess how that went) but as always, my social skill or lack thereof, proved to be quite the bane to overcome. And in the end after running countless scenarios in my head on how to start a conversation while I kept telling myself It'll all end up as planned so I should go for it, but guess what? When I finally got the opportunity to go for it.... I didn't do anything. Why o why can't I talk to anybody without getting myself in a rut. Moving along, went to get my eyes checked after like what two years maybe? And found out my eye sight has neither improved or declined in any way, I don't know whether I take that as bad news or not but I guess I wont be seeing anything without me glasses for quite some time. As far as today's un-eventfulness goes, here's a distracting sentence to waste your time (sort of), come on, I know you wanna.

Tuesday, 30 August 2016


So today my friend didn't show up for college ( despite me specifically telling him the day before to show up no matter what) I spent most of my time dawdling around like a complete idiot. Felt totally bummed the entire time. Considering my non existent social circle at school didn't help much either. This situation makes me feel so hopeless at times, its as if my will to go to school depends whether my brotha from anotha mutha shows up or not and it totally sucks. So moving along, I tried to get a study schedule set up starting from this week but apparently, things never go as planned for me do they? Monday; got stuck in traffic for a good 2 hours and felt like complete shite when I got back home and that effectively left me out of commission for the rest of the day. And today as I mentioned before, due to a certain someone I've gone into a weird mental slump of sorts and didn't feel like doing any thing at all. Ugh. This goes to show how much I rely on a single person way more than I should (not that I dont appreciate the support, really, keeps me going in more ways than one). Any how to wrap this up, today sucked, as usual, Period. 

Monday, 29 August 2016

Writers Block?

Well I had planned on updating this on a day to day (more or less) but it seems I've run into a case of writers block (before I even get started with the real meat of the blog :p) So anyhow, gonna post this stupid poem I wrote a year back since I don't have any idea how to get the flow of writing started.

Friday, 26 August 2016

Blog Summary

Well here's the first entry of this useless shite post blog. Don't even know why I'm typing any of this.